“Start small but smart and grow over time”, this is recurring pattern of success for lean startups. For smart IT solution we emphasis on “Think Cloud-First” approach to keep focus on the business and customers instead of IT. This approach bring more agility, rapid scalability and easy adaptability which allows Startups to focus on innovation.

Cloudifie ensures that your start-up grow seamlessly on Cloud, our cloud consultants devised holistic cloudification strategy for startups to grow from MVP “Minimum Viable Product” to 100 million users. Startups on Cloud are not only highly cost-effective but also leverage your strength to success by providing an ability to Fail Forward, Fail Fast and Fail Cheap.

Born on Cloud

Starting your business on Cloud bring multifold opportunities, almost all big public Cloud providers offer generous statup-allowance which is enough for initial experimentation without worrying about big infrastructure cost. One of the biggest challenges of startups is to minimize the transition overhead from development to testing and production, automation on Cloud can address this and ensure a seamless transition between different application development stages. Startups can leverage the power of highly scalable tools provided by Cloud to facilitate continuous development and continuous integration which enables startups to deliver new features on a daily basis.

Our Cloud engineers and consultants integrate with your business model to provide the help you need in every stage of your business development, allowing you to focus on the idea for great end user experience. Cloudifie provides fully managed cloud services in following areas.

  • Cloud Adoption
  • Continuous Cloud Security
  • Cloud Monitoring & Optimization
  • Cloud Training

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