Actionable Intelligence from Cloud Data

40 Zettabytes of data will be created by 2020, an increase of 300 times from 2005. With extensive digitalization, organisation are now overwhelmed with the massive amount of data piling up every minute. Like security & storage of big data, a real-time insight into that plethora of data to take timely and informed decisions has emerged as one of the biggest challenges organizations are facing. An intelligent data platform should address complications associated with all 4 dimensions (also known as  4 V’s) of data. It should scale to the Volume of data and intelligent enough to cater Variety of data from different sources in multiple formats, flowing with dynamic Velocity and unknown Veracity.

Cloudifie consultants will devise a comprehensive data intelligence strategy for highly scalable and fully managed data warehouse solutions like AWS Redshift for intelligence on your structured data as well as detailed solution to churn your unstructured data using Elastic MapReduce. Integrating Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift with Cascading on Amazon EMR or investigating a cost effective highly scalable fully managed solution to master your data, Cloudifie can always assist you to set right objectives and achieve your goals.

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