Continuous Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring is key to avoid disaster and control damage with minimal impact. Monitoring is very crucial for high performance and cost optimization in Cloud. With increasing complexity, it becomes harder to monitor the whole infrastructure in public, private and hybrid Cloud which could result in higher costs, low performance, and degrading end user experience. Most of the public cloud computing companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and MS Azure provide Cloud monitoring services like AWS Cloud Watch and Google Cloud Monitoring but these services do not cater all the needs for detailed monitoring for efficient IT operations.

Cloudifie provides complete monitoring strategy and detailed monitoring solutions using native Cloud monitoring services like AWS CloudWatch as well as the integration of third party monitoring services like Sumologic, Nagios, Boundary, Monitos and New Relic. We can monitor from 1 node to 100k node and provide detail insight of your server/application data from few MBs to TBs a day. With our monitoring services you would have detailed insight of your Cloud/IT infrastructure enabling you accurate capacity planning and ensuring high performance in peak time. Some of the benefits of using Cloudifiie monitoring are

  • Continuous Intelligence for DevOps
  • Compliance and Smart Threat Management
  • Infrastructure & Operations Analyses
  • Higher Productivity and Lower Costs

Say hello to Cloud monitoring team at Cloudifie for more information about our monitoring solutions.