Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Over the past couple of years, enterprise data is growing rapidly and the need of protecting that  data has grown along with it. With increasing hours of business operations, the window to perform the backup is getting smaller adding another dimension to the complexity. This changed the whole paradigm of data backup systems and business requires continuous backup system to provide automated more durability, highly scalable and cost efficient backup solution for disaster recovery as well as legal & other business requirements.

Our backup architects & disaster recovery consultants are well versed with delivering durable and highly available elastic backup and recovery solutions with the focus on the security of organizational data on Cloud. Cloudifie can provide comprehensive Backup & Recovery strategy and our Cloud Engineer can implement the best practices for public, private or hybrid Cloud. Some of the common backup & recovery solutions we provide are

  • Backing up Files, Databases & Machine Images
  • On-Premises to Cloud Backup & Recovery
  • Hybrid Storage, Backup & Recovery

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